Trickey-Wright Camps Are For A.L.L.

Barstool Sports has coined the phrase, “Saturday’s Are For The Boys.” It has set off a social media phenomena around that day of the week. When I was thinking of this post, their slogan came to mind because I wanted to hone in on what, or who, are the Trickey Wright QBR camps for and why you should come to our camps. After some reflection, I’ve coming up with the following…

Trickey-Wright QBR Camps Are For Athletes

While our camps are specifically geared towards quarterbacks and any offensive player who catches the ball, we’ve made a conscious effort to label all of our campers as athletes. We’re not looking for only the one’s who specialize in football. In fact, most of our campers are multi-sport athletes and play both sides of the ball. You don’t need to be a superstar to come to our camp. We’re ready to coach athletes who are ready to compete!

Trickey-Wright QBR Camps Are For Leaders

Regardless of the position on the field, leadership is always a critical quality for a player’s and team’s success. At our camp we discuss key aspects of leadership with our athletes. More importantly, we’re looking for leaders to step up and use the time we have together to cultivate their leadership skills. Who’s going to be first in line? Who’s going to congratulate another player on their success? Who will give feedback to help another player improve? We want leaders to step up and be part of the improvement process!

Trickey-Wright QBR Camps Are For Learners

Any player walking into our camps should come in with the desire to learn! There is no evaluation or recruiting component to our camps. Our coaches are eager to teach the fundamentals of each position.We don’t expect to be impressed. We expect to raise your level of play by getting quality repetitions and providing feedback at every stage. When a player comes to camp, they should expect to face new terminology and skills they’ve never seen before. We know that learning will come with mistakes and we are prepared to coach through those to help every player improve.

We are eager to kick off this camp season! We can’t wait to see our returning campers and to meet all of the new faces.

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