Throwing Thank You’s

During this holiday season, it is time to be thankful for all that we have and reflect on what a wonderful year we’ve had. We at Trickey-Wright QBR have plenty to be thankful for and we’d like to share those thanks with you.


Thank you for supporting your son in his football career. We realize that the game has come under scrutiny lately. We as a coaching community are working diligently to make the game safer and more efficient. The travel, time and financial commitment you make to provide your son the opportunity to come to our camps is truly appreciated. Without your efforts, we would not be able thrive. We are working diligently to provide your son with a camp experience that will multiply your return on investment on and off of the field.

High School Coaches

Thank you for allowing us to work with you to make your team better. Your players come to us on “loan” and we recognize that it takes great trust to have another coach have input in how your player sees and executes the game. We do not take the responsibility lightly. We’re going to make an even bigger push this off-season to connect more with you so that we can give your team the best opportunity to win on Friday nights.

Host Sites and Coordinators

Thank you to the schools that host our camps. It takes a lot of work and coordinating among many people to ensure that the facilities are ready for the start of every camp. Our coordinators work diligently to make sure we walk in with as little setup as possible. Whether it is a high school or college, we feel like we have the best camp setup in the country and it is because of the work that everyone puts in to make that happen.

Coaching Staff

Thank you to our coaches who pour their love and enthusiasm for the game of football and coaching into our athletes. Regardless of the level of football our coaches have played or coached, we believe we have the best camp staff of any position specific football camp available. They are a unified group who carry out the mission of the camp every time. They work on honing their craft so they can give your son the best knowledge possible to win games. Additionally, they are grounded in their priorities and desire to help your son become a better man as a result of attending our camp.


Thank you for trusting us to teaching you the greatest game on earth. We know that you come to us with big goals and dreams. We appreciate your willingness to take coaching, work through the process and improve throughout your camp experience. Our camps have athletes of all ages and ability levels. We take pride in that and want to help all of you take the next step in your football journey. This year we want to make an even bigger push to connect with you at our camps and throughout the rest of your year.

Thank you to everyone who makes Trickey-Wright football continue to be a premiere football camp! We can’t wait for 2017!

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