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Part III – Making The Decision

  If you’re lucky enough to be recruited to play college football, you will face a tough challenge when it comes to deciding where to attend college. It was hard to define which of the following categories I would deem

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The Recruiting Process: Staying on the List (Part II of III)

In our May Blog, we discussed suggestions to get onto a coach’s list: play on the field, highlight tapes, measurables and taking visits / attending camp. While the time, effort and related costs may seem like the hard part, surprisingly,

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The Recruiting Process: Making the List (Part I of III)

I had the opportunity to listen to a college coach speak to a group of aspiring high school football players about the recruiting process. He answered some basic questions and then said something quite profound that I wish more high

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Football Camps: The Secret Is In Your Approach

The end of the school year is right around the corner and summer is in sight. If you strap a helmet on in the fall, the next three months are crucial in your preparation leading to the season. You may

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Sport Specialization vs. the Multi-Sport Athlete

There has been a major shift in the way athletes are being raised up. Specialization has become a new buzzword and the perceived norm. With the tantalizing sports scholarship on the line and visions of professional glory, parents and athletes

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