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How to Lead Your Team, Regardless of Your Record

For as much time as we spend preparing for the season, it is often over before you know it. All of us have different records and different potential outcomes for post-season play. However, all of can be leaders and are

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Navigating The Season

It is finally here! Every high school player in the country has been waiting for this moment since their season came to an end in 2015.That being the case,  I’d like to give you some thoughts on how to navigate

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Emulate the Greats

One of my very favorite questions to ask players during warm-ups of the Trickey-Wright QB-R Camps is “Who is the player you model your game after?” It’s fun to hear and see the various responses. A large majority of the

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In-Season Advantage: Film Study

The season is now in full swing. You’ve grinded through off-season workouts, two-a-days, scrimmages and the first half of the season. Maybe your season is going well, but you know you have some tough games coming up with playoff implications.

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We Talkin’ About Practice

“…I mean, listen, we talkin’ about practice. Not a game! Not a game! Not a game!…What are we talking about? Practice? We talkin’ about practice, man!…” These infamous words from Allen Iverson to the media after skipping out on a

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Timing Is Everything

For QBs and receivers timing is everything. Drop, route, throw, and catch need to be synchronized to the tenth and even hundredth of a second. The average high school football player can move over three inches every hundredth of a

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