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Part III – Making The Decision

  If you’re lucky enough to be recruited to play college football, you will face a tough challenge when it comes to deciding where to attend college. It was hard to define which of the following categories I would deem

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The Wisdom of Farewell Posts

“Intelligence is the ability to learn from your mistakes. Wisdom is the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.” – Anonymous High school seniors, upon completing their football (or every other sport) career often use their social media platforms

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How to Lead Your Team, Regardless of Your Record

For as much time as we spend preparing for the season, it is often over before you know it. All of us have different records and different potential outcomes for post-season play. However, all of can be leaders and are

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Being an Effective STUDENT-Athlete: Time Management During the Football Season

Being a high school student-athlete can be very challenging because of the enormous time demands of both academics and athletics. The pressure is compounded when the expectations are high for you to perform well in both areas. In addition, your

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Navigating The Season

It is finally here! Every high school player in the country has been waiting for this moment since their season came to an end in 2015.That being the case,  I’d like to give you some thoughts on how to navigate

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The Recruiting Process: Making the List (Part I of III)

I had the opportunity to listen to a college coach speak to a group of aspiring high school football players about the recruiting process. He answered some basic questions and then said something quite profound that I wish more high

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Social Media – Expert Advice

Although most athletes today have used social media for years, many (their parents included) still don’t understand it’s immediate effect and potential repercussions well into the future.  According to Karen North, a communications professor and director of digital social media

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Rest your BEST!

While the latest sports supplement or protein drink can make outlandish claims about improving performance, the real powerhouse to improving performance and reducing injury is sleep. In 2012, a study was done with teenage athletes and it was concluded that

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Emulate the Greats

One of my very favorite questions to ask players during warm-ups of the Trickey-Wright QB-R Camps is “Who is the player you model your game after?” It’s fun to hear and see the various responses. A large majority of the

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Offseason: The Most Important Part Of Your Season

Summer is here! School is done and for many it’s the end of a three sport cycle. Although there are leagues and tournaments, it’s the first time during the year many football athletes are not in season. The next two

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