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Being an Effective STUDENT-Athlete: Time Management During the Football Season

Being a high school student-athlete can be very challenging because of the enormous time demands of both academics and athletics. The pressure is compounded when the expectations are high for you to perform well in both areas. In addition, your

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The Recruiting Process: Staying on the List (Part II of III)

In our May Blog, we discussed suggestions to get onto a coach’s list: play on the field, highlight tapes, measurables and taking visits / attending camp. While the time, effort and related costs may seem like the hard part, surprisingly,

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Role Reversal: Can being a better student translate into a better athlete?

The correlation of athletic participation driving academic success has been highly publicized. It has been proven time and time again that high school student-athletes, as a whole, are more successful in the classroom than their non-sport counterparts. For the vast

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