Author: Joel Nellis

Will You Accept The Risk???

The phrase “Accept the Risk of Leadership” was adopted by Coach Trickey in 1988 after he read an article about responsibility and risks of putting yourself in front as a leader. He told me that he connected so deeply with

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Social Media – Expert Advice

Although most athletes today have used social media for years, many (their parents included) still don’t understand it’s immediate effect and potential repercussions well into the future.  According to Karen North, a communications professor and director of digital social media

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Rest your BEST!

While the latest sports supplement or protein drink can make outlandish claims about improving performance, the real powerhouse to improving performance and reducing injury is sleep. In 2012, a study was done with teenage athletes and it was concluded that

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Why – How – What

          I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the Trickey-Wright QBR camps. I attended my first Trickey-Wright camp going into my junior year of high school at Madison Memorial (Madison, WI). I was impressed

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